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Moving is like going to the dentist, no one wants to do it but everyone has to at some point or another. The worst part is packing and unpacking for sure. Aside from how time consuming it is to organize your entire life into countless cardboard boxes, remember what was put where can be an absolute nightmare for the unprepared mover.

The following is the best list of moving tips from customers from all walks of life, as well as some checklists and packing tips from the pros. This article covers tips for simple moves across the city (or neighborhood) to complex cross-country adventures for first-timers moving interstate. Whether or not you bribe some buddies to help load your U-haul or take a shortcut and hire a professional moving company, use these guidelines for a seamless, stress-free move!

Packing Tips

What to Pack and How to Pack It!

If you're choosing to relocate with a moving company, you're going to have to pack everything into boxes or plastic bins for the movers to load it on the truck, so save those trash bags for TRASH!

What NOT to Pack
Money, personal identification, cell phones and purses are obviously a no-no. U-haul and moving companies do not allow chemicals, waste, plants or animals to be moved in their trucks either. Not sure what's ok to move? Check out this list on Moving On Up's FAQs page:

  • Perishable Food
  • Chemicals and Hazardous Materials:
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Paint Cans or Aerosol Sprays
    • Fuel or Gasoline
    • Car Batteries
    • Pool Chemicals
    • Fireworks or Explosives
    • Dry Ice
  • Living Items (Plants, Pets, or People).
  • Personal Records, Identification and Other Important Documents.
  • High Cost Items You Should Keep with You:
    • Cash, Credit Cards, Checkbooks
    • Jewelry
    • Ipods, Ipads, Cell Phones, PDAs, Gameboys, Laptops
  • Bags and Unsealed Plastic Containers
    • Plastic, Grocery, or Trash Bags
    • Tote Bags, Purses
    • Unsealed Plastic Hampers or Bins

Packing Materials
The bigger your home, the more supplies you're obviously going to need to get everything packed. Unfortunately, most people underestimate the amount of stuff they own and really have no idea how much tape or boxes they're going to need. No matter what the size of your move, you (and your packing helpers) are going to need a ready supply of boxes, tape, scissors, a sharpie, and garbage bags (for trash only!).

Most people use newspaper to pack dishes, but soft linens, clothing and towels are actually way more effective at protecting your fragile items. Not to mention how it reduces the amount of boxes you need to pack!

How to Get Free Boxes
The best place to get free boxes is to go curb shopping in your neighborhood on bulk pick-up day. That or browse the Free listings on Craigslist. Everyday, someone is moving in or moving out right in your neighborhood, and chances are they have extra boxes they don't need anymore. For larger boxes, or specialty boxes, try your local grocery or neighborhood Walmart.

Request a Free Moving Quote
Save yourself the time and hassle of moving yourself by using a full-service moving company like Moving On Up. Give us a ring now at (800) 945-9569 or visit us online at www.MovingOnUp.com.

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